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Simply Winning a Game or Taking it Too Far?

By Colleen D. Every athlete at one point in his or her life has experienced defeat.  Losing helps a child develop just as much as winning does.  Losing teaches youth how to be sportsmanlike, teaches them to get in the … Continue reading

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Strongest Kids

By Amelie R. *I have some video links below the post. I summarize them throughout the post and links are provided so feel free to watch them as you read. A family in the States has been named the strongest … Continue reading

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“What Were You Thinking?” Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child

By Kaitlyn W. If you have ever taken part in sports you’ve experienced the “nightmare sport parent”; the one adult who thinks he/she is the coach, lives vicariously through his/her kid, and believes winning is everything. What these parents fail … Continue reading

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Preventative Programs to Stop Youth Crimes

By Alex In Winnipeg, youth crimes are at an all time high. The Winnipeg Police service released a statistic from that youth crime had “seen a whopping 92 percent increase” in the last five years. Youth crime in Winnipeg is … Continue reading

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Media/social media and its influence on children and youth development

By: Jamie B Over the last few decade’s social media/ media has been surfacing more and more each year and the effect it plays on youth is becoming even greater. Media and social media are how the majority of youth … Continue reading

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Virtual, Reality?

By Ashley L. According to an article published in the Journal of Adolescent Research, “video games are the fastest growing type of entertainment in the world” with 97% of adolescents playing video games and young people ages 8-18 spending on … Continue reading

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Minimalism: A lifestyle that could promote positive youth development?

by Charlene S.-M. I’m been reading and thinking about minimalism for a little while now. In part, my interest started three years ago when I introduced the topic of “consumerism” to my first year “Concepts in Recreation, Leisure, and Sport” … Continue reading

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