Blog on hiatus until October 2014

My students have completed their Youth Development through Recreation and Sport course. The blog will remain, but there will be no new posts until the next time I teach the course (Fall 2014).

If you have a general interest in issues related to Leisure, Recreation, and Sport, I encourage you to drop by my personal blog at Since I have an interest in youth development and do research in this area, my posts occasionally are related to this topic.

If you have an interest in gender issues related to leisure and sport, my 4th year students taking “Gender, Leisure, and Sport” are blogging this term. Their posts can be found at:

Thank you for your interest.



About Charlene Shannon-McCallum

I passionately teach, research, blog, and tweet about leisure, recreation, and sport. My focus is on youth development, gender issues in leisure and sport, family, leisure education, leisure and health, and bullying in recreation and sport settings.
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