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Let Them Have a Voice

by Natalie G. When you were a youth, did you feel like you had a voice? Or have you ever worked with youth and allowed them to voice their ideas/opinions? To begin, “youth voice lacks a consistent conceptualization, it ideally … Continue reading

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“I just don’t want to play”: A look at overweight youth and sport/recreation participation

By Victoria S. In the eighth grade, I tried out and made the tier 1 ‘A’ school Soccer team. As a youth who didn’t fit in with the “typical” athletic body type I was hesitant to try out, but I … Continue reading

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Physical Injuries to Psychological Injuries in Youth Athletes

By Katie D. When you think of sports, do you think of injuries?  Unfortunately, it is a dark, familiar territory that can quickly alter the lives of some unlucky, competitive athletes. The first aspect that comes to mind is the … Continue reading

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Just Go Outside and Play

By Emma S. We live in a busy, fast paced society where unstructured play sometimes gets overlooked. As a kid, I was encouraged to go outside to play and explore as well as go to the local park as long … Continue reading

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The Impact of Stretching on Youth Development

By Alex C. Stretching is often looked at by youth as something only runners or gymnasts really do, or as a burden and something that none of them really want to do. However, it is an extremely important exercise for … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call for Youth to Catch Some Z’s

by Tara G. I bet you won’t believe me when I say that 31% of school-aged children and 26% of adolescents in Canada are sleep deprived (ParticipACTION, 2016). Another astonishing fact is that in recent decades, children’s nightly sleep duration … Continue reading

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The Underestimated Importance of Mental Toughness

By Maggie M. When thinking about sports such as hockey, football or rugby, your brain automatically is directed to physical toughness, as these athletes are being tackled, and taking hits against the boards, all in the name of the game. … Continue reading

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