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I know I run like a girl, should I not be proud of it? Girls’ Participation and Dropout rates in Sport

By Cailie M. Throughout my entire childhood, period of adolescence and now as I enter my fourth year of university, I have always been an avid participant in sport and recreation. As I ran, jumped and played my way through … Continue reading

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Youth Obesity Versus Active Leisure, Recreation, and Sport Participation

By John H. A major challenge towards youth participation in active leisure, recreation and sport is obesity. Being overweight or obese can lead to a variety of health problems, partially because it effects active leisure and physical activity levels among … Continue reading

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Negative Parental Involvement in Competitive Youth Sport: What is the Solution?

By Ryan L. As someone who has spent much of his adolescence playing competitive sport, I have witnessed a number of parents getting into altercations with coaches, officials, and even other parents. In most cases, these outraged parents had no … Continue reading

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Issues with Gender in Sport

By Cam B. For the purpose of this blog assignment, I have chosen to talk about whether or not social norms have an impact on the different genders in the sport of hockey. The observations I have made relate heavily … Continue reading

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