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I passionately teach, research, blog, and tweet about leisure, recreation, and sport. My focus is on youth development, gender issues in leisure and sport, family, leisure education, leisure and health, and bullying in recreation and sport settings.

NHL or Bust

by Hannah K. As a (soon to be) sports and recreation professional, I get a lot of questions from parents regarding the development of their child athletes.  This being Canada, the birthplace and centre of the Universe for hockey, I … Continue reading

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by Priayanka D. Youth sport is any event where the competitors are younger than adult age; whether they are children or adolescents. This includes school sports as well as sports played outside the educational system. Organized sports involve physical activity … Continue reading

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How Sports Impacts Body Image in Adolescent Girls

by Tony C. Adolescence is a time when a lot of physical and psychological changes take place. Although most youths cope with this stage successfully, some tend to develop mental health disorders which make them question their body image. Body … Continue reading

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“I just don’t want to play”: A look at overweight youth and sport/recreation participation

By Victoria S. In the eighth grade, I tried out and made the tier 1 ‘A’ school Soccer team. As a youth who didn’t fit in with the “typical” athletic body type I was hesitant to try out, but I … Continue reading

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Parent Coaching from the Sidelines should be Banned from all Sport

by Desiray W. Growing up in society today a lot of parents want their child to be the best at everything they do and they want their child to succeed in a particular sport like they never got too. Some … Continue reading

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Blog on hiatus until October 2014

My students have completed their Youth Development through Recreation and Sport course. The blog will remain, but there will be no new posts until the next time I teach the course (Fall 2014). If you have a general interest in … Continue reading

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After-School Programs as a “Third Place” Through Positive Youth Development

by Alyssa Shupe Structured after-school programs have been found to be a significant context for adolescent and positive youth development. This means not just filling in the time allotted until parents arrive, but instead offering youth a variety of structured … Continue reading

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