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What is ‘IDEAL’ anyways? Females in sport held to a high standard, by themselves and others.

by Brittney P. Female athletes face scrutiny for being ‘in shape’ and the ‘perfect weight’, while playing sports, especially aesthetically pleasing sports like dance, gymnastics or swimming for example (Kantanista et al., 2018). Elite athletes are harsher on themselves and … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call for Youth to Catch Some Z’s

by Tara G. I bet you won’t believe me when I say that 31% of school-aged children and 26% of adolescents in Canada are sleep deprived (ParticipACTION, 2016). Another astonishing fact is that in recent decades, children’s nightly sleep duration … Continue reading

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Screen off, Go play outside!

By Josh M. Technology has had a substantial change since the 1900’s to now, not only has its growth been linear some would argue it’s been exponential. The discovery and manufacturing of mobile devices, personal computers, software, and equipment have … Continue reading

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Tough It Out Kiddo

by Darrion S. It is no secret there are numerous benefits associated with sports. Although there may be negative consequences picked up from years of sport, such is life where good will inherently parallel bad to an extent. Throughout nine … Continue reading

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Increase Understanding of Factors that Affect Minority Adolescents’ Participation in Organized Sport Programs

by James H. Youth in today’s society don’t play outside and aren’t nearly as active compared to older generations, although many children do participate in organized sports. Unfortunately, children from different ethnic backgrounds do not participate nearly as much. There … Continue reading

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Promoting Healthy Body Image and Healthy Practices

By Meagan F. It should be no shock that both males and females face dissatisfaction with their bodies on a regular basis. It should also be no shock that these self-criticisms and peer evaluations emerge during adolescence. While females are … Continue reading

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Bringing Nature Back to Nurturing Child Development

by Kimba M. Canadian children are growing less and less active, which is why movements such as ParticipACTION are at work advertising and trying to promote more active children. Perhaps by providing spaces that facilitate more than just physical development … Continue reading

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