Instructions for Blogging

  • Be sure that you have accepted my invitation to be a contributor. Once you have created a username and accepted the invitation, you will be able to write your post.
  • You may want to write your post (and save it) in a word processor and then copy and paste your post.
  • Click on “save draft” regularly if you are editing or writing your post within the blog site.
  • Each post will be at least 500 words in length.
  • Begin your post with the first line with your first name and your initial (as I provided an example of in my posts)
  • Your post will blend coursework with your own experiences, additional research and/or your personal reflections.
  • Posts will display analytical/critical thinking.
  • Main points in your post will be strengthened by using reference to literature (which you can add at the end of your post as I did in my first sample post), other blog or websites (ensure they provide quality information and/or offer a critical perspective), or to readings you have completed for the course.
  • Posts should be “submitted for review” by 12:00 noon on the day your post is due so I have time to review and publish it.

Tell me what you think

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