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Cyberbullying among young girls

by Melissa B. Some of you probably know someone that has experienced cyberbullying or you even have experienced it yourself. I did not experience it myself, but I have seen it happening. It is one of the worst things that … Continue reading

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Getting Youth Involved In Sport and Recreation

by Danielle H. In today’s society, it is not uncommon to see girls play hockey, or to see boys participate in dance. However, that hasn’t always been the case. In earlier cultures, sport and recreation have been seen as more … Continue reading

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Coaching – Where do we draw the line?

By: Matt Daley We have discussed in class many ways a coach could help positive youth development.  I have played for many different coaches and most of them have left me with a positive reflection on the time spent with … Continue reading

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Simply Winning a Game or Taking it Too Far?

By Colleen D. Every athlete at one point in his or her life has experienced defeat.  Losing helps a child develop just as much as winning does.  Losing teaches youth how to be sportsmanlike, teaches them to get in the … Continue reading

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Considering the Experiences of Youth who are Overweight: Fostering Youth Development

by Charlene S.-M. One need not look far to find statistics or reports of the rising rates of childhood obesity in Canada and generally in North America.  Sadly, in addition to the well documented health consequences, youth who are overweight … Continue reading

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