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“It felt like I lost everything” – Effects of Long-Term Injury on Youth Mental Health

by Hilary S. My Story When I was fourteen years old, my life revolved around a soccer ball. I was on a field eight times a week, played for a competitive club team, played on the provincial team for my … Continue reading

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Physical Injuries to Psychological Injuries in Youth Athletes

By Katie D. When you think of sports, do you think of injuries?  Unfortunately, it is a dark, familiar territory that can quickly alter the lives of some unlucky, competitive athletes. The first aspect that comes to mind is the … Continue reading

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Youth and Mental Health: The Positive and Negative Effects of Sport.

By: Nicola S Mental health has become a major issue among youth impacting their development. From class lectures, researchers have proclaimed that between 10-20% of youth are effected by mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. This number … Continue reading

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Positive Changes of Mental Health in Youth through Sport and Recreation

By: Lucy P.  When sport and recreation activities come to the forefront of the mind, first thoughts predominantly revolve around the physical advantages and disadvantages. However, mental health is something that cannot be ignored, specifically in relation to youth. In … Continue reading

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The Importance of Physical Education Class in Schools for Youth Development

By Andrew H. Coming from a very small town in rural Prince Edward Island, I was brought up being physically active every day because to be honest there was not much to do other than play outside with your friends. … Continue reading

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