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What is ‘IDEAL’ anyways? Females in sport held to a high standard, by themselves and others.

by Brittney P. Female athletes face scrutiny for being ‘in shape’ and the ‘perfect weight’, while playing sports, especially aesthetically pleasing sports like dance, gymnastics or swimming for example (Kantanista et al., 2018). Elite athletes are harsher on themselves and … Continue reading

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The Effects of Sport on Youth Self-esteem

by Mackenzie M. Self-esteem is an element that’s plays a crucial role in youth development and provides a foundation for youth to foster and build several physical and mental skills. In an article by Cronin and Allen (2015), self-esteem is … Continue reading

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Building Self-esteem Through Sport

by Caroline H. Being born into a world of crazy athletic sporty parents, it was known that they would help me build self-esteem and confidence. My mother was the head coach at Saint Mary’s University for women’s basketball and that … Continue reading

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All Girls Programming for Positive Youth Development

By Caleigh R. Whether it is an after-school program, summer day camp, youth group, or sports program, it is important to take into consideration gender when planning the program. These types of programs are important in ensuring positive youth development … Continue reading

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Considering the Experiences of Youth who are Overweight: Fostering Youth Development

by Charlene S.-M. One need not look far to find statistics or reports of the rising rates of childhood obesity in Canada and generally in North America.  Sadly, in addition to the well documented health consequences, youth who are overweight … Continue reading

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