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Youth and Mental Health: The Positive and Negative Effects of Sport.

By: Nicola S Mental health has become a major issue among youth impacting their development. From class lectures, researchers have proclaimed that between 10-20% of youth are effected by mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. This number … Continue reading

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Positive Youth Development through Taekwondo

By: Laura J We all know that physical activity and recreation can foster positive youth development (PYD). I would have to say that combat sports and martial arts, specifically Taekwondo, foster PYD in a way that not many other sports … Continue reading

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Recreation, Sport and Leisure: Helping Vulnerable Youth

By M. Thomas Youth are all vulnerable. To some extent vulnerability comes from the inexperience of life, however; looking closer at the vulnerable youth population, we see financially insecure families, special needs children and medical situations which create adversity in … Continue reading

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Burnout in Youth Sports

by David G. Burnout in youth sports can be a deciding factor in ending participation in physical activity and sport. Physical activity is very import to youth development not only because it allows them to improve their physical and mental … Continue reading

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The Importance of Youth’s Coaches in Sport

By: Danielle A. I started playing organized sport at the age of 8, and I have been engaged in sports competitively and recreationally ever since. As most of us know, there are countless numbers of people that you meet throughout … Continue reading

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Overbearing Parents and Youth Sport

by Cody B. Youth face many challenges in their lives, so why is it we as coaches and adults continue to add to these? Don’t they face enough hardship without adults adding to the load? I know that not all … Continue reading

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Coaches as “friends”: Females vs. Males – Knowing the Boundaries.

By: Sarah H. In our youth development class, we have discussed the topic of the relationships between coaches and players from both the female and male sports teams. Another blogger discussed parent-coach/child-athlete relationship. My post is solely related to what … Continue reading

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