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I am an Athlete

Brendan L. Children learn a lot about each other throughout grade school.  They figure out how to develop relationships on different levels, discover which types of people they interact best with, and learn the socialization skills necessary to actually interact … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts of America: Youth development for all boys?

Scott A. Literary news sources indicate there is evidence that the Scouts of America has turned potential youth participants away based on factors such as race, sexual orientation, and religion. During the program’s infancy, policies were set in place that … Continue reading

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Culture of Youth Sport in Canada vs Europe

By Victor K. It’s safe to admit that North America and Europe boast very different cultures from one another. While Canada and the USA are probably the most ethnically diverse countries on earth, it’s difficult to recreate societal trends that … Continue reading

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How Young Is Too Young?

Gina R. Hockey, basketball, soccer and baseball are all sports that many youth have participated in throughout the duration of their childhood. Whether it be competitive or house league, youth take part in a variety of sports. When we look … Continue reading

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Are Canadian parents dia-beating their children?

By: Ryan L. Positive youth development is a concept that can be applied to and be affected by a vast array of contexts, situations and environments; it can be shaped (positively, or negatively) by friends, parents, teachers, neighbourhoods, social media, … Continue reading

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Girls Participation on Boys Sports Teams

By Samantha B. There are many barriers that often effect a girl’s participation on a boys’ sports team. As discussed in class, some of these include not feeling like they are good enough because women are viewed as “the weaker … Continue reading

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Positive Effects of Volunteering at a Young Age

By: Katie V. Have you ever volunteered at an older age for the first time and felt a sense of self-worth? Have you wondered why you haven’t offered more to the community? Volunteering at any age has many positive outcomes … Continue reading

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Coaching – Where do we draw the line?

By: Matt Daley We have discussed in class many ways a coach could help positive youth development.  I have played for many different coaches and most of them have left me with a positive reflection on the time spent with … Continue reading

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It`s not all about Power and Performance

By Andrea R. The belief that sport builds character has a long tradition. It was in the late 19th and early 20th century that “[i]mportant new ideas about human behaviour, individual development, and social life led to an emphasis on … Continue reading

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Coaches as “friends”: Females vs. Males – Knowing the Boundaries.

By: Sarah H. In our youth development class, we have discussed the topic of the relationships between coaches and players from both the female and male sports teams. Another blogger discussed parent-coach/child-athlete relationship. My post is solely related to what … Continue reading

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