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Just Go Outside and Play

By Emma S. We live in a busy, fast paced society where unstructured play sometimes gets overlooked. As a kid, I was encouraged to go outside to play and explore as well as go to the local park as long … Continue reading

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The Impact of Stretching on Youth Development

By Alex C. Stretching is often looked at by youth as something only runners or gymnasts really do, or as a burden and something that none of them really want to do. However, it is an extremely important exercise for … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call for Youth to Catch Some Z’s

by Tara G. I bet you won’t believe me when I say that 31% of school-aged children and 26% of adolescents in Canada are sleep deprived (ParticipACTION, 2016). Another astonishing fact is that in recent decades, children’s nightly sleep duration … Continue reading

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The Underestimated Importance of Mental Toughness

By Maggie M. When thinking about sports such as hockey, football or rugby, your brain automatically is directed to physical toughness, as these athletes are being tackled, and taking hits against the boards, all in the name of the game. … Continue reading

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“But my sport is important too”: The Importance Of Non-Traditional Sport Exposure In Gym Class

by Leanne W. Growing up, I remember when meeting new people, one of the most common questions they would ask was if I played any sports. As a young child, I never understood the funny looks others would give me … Continue reading

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I know I run like a girl, should I not be proud of it? Girls’ Participation and Dropout rates in Sport

By Cailie M. Throughout my entire childhood, period of adolescence and now as I enter my fourth year of university, I have always been an avid participant in sport and recreation. As I ran, jumped and played my way through … Continue reading

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Youth Obesity Versus Active Leisure, Recreation, and Sport Participation

By John H. A major challenge towards youth participation in active leisure, recreation and sport is obesity. Being overweight or obese can lead to a variety of health problems, partially because it effects active leisure and physical activity levels among … Continue reading

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