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NHL or Bust

by Hannah K. As a (soon to be) sports and recreation professional, I get a lot of questions from parents regarding the development of their child athletes.  This being Canada, the birthplace and centre of the Universe for hockey, I … Continue reading

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by Priayanka D. Youth sport is any event where the competitors are younger than adult age; whether they are children or adolescents. This includes school sports as well as sports played outside the educational system. Organized sports involve physical activity … Continue reading

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How Sports Impacts Body Image in Adolescent Girls

by Tony C. Adolescence is a time when a lot of physical and psychological changes take place. Although most youths cope with this stage successfully, some tend to develop mental health disorders which make them question their body image. Body … Continue reading

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Childhood Needs Outdoor Play

by Selina F. Some of my fondest memories as a child involve going outside to play with my sisters and cousins, and roaming about the backyard. I would make mud pies in the rain, chase around my younger sisters, and … Continue reading

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Youth Development and Physical Literacy

by Roxanne S. Youth nowadays would prefer to be engaged in online gaming rather than going outdoors and engaging in free play.  Youth are now more involved in non-physical activities, not only because they do not want to, but because … Continue reading

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What is ‘IDEAL’ anyways? Females in sport held to a high standard, by themselves and others.

by Brittney P. Female athletes face scrutiny for being ‘in shape’ and the ‘perfect weight’, while playing sports, especially aesthetically pleasing sports like dance, gymnastics or swimming for example (Kantanista et al., 2018). Elite athletes are harsher on themselves and … Continue reading

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“It felt like I lost everything” – Effects of Long-Term Injury on Youth Mental Health

by Hilary S. My Story When I was fourteen years old, my life revolved around a soccer ball. I was on a field eight times a week, played for a competitive club team, played on the provincial team for my … Continue reading

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