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Creating a Positive Talent Development Environment for Sport

by Akeil P. Elite training environments have often been linked with negative connotations and factors such as being exclusionary, psychologically damaging, as well as concerns with over training and injury. How can we create a positive elite training environment for … Continue reading

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Bully Coaches in Youth Sport

by Hannah K. Whether you have experienced it firsthand or not – negative coaching is a significant and serious issue within youth sport. Being a “bully coach” goes beyond just being a tough coach, the behaviour of coaches has been … Continue reading

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Negative Parental Involvement in Competitive Youth Sport: What is the Solution?

By Ryan L. As someone who has spent much of his adolescence playing competitive sport, I have witnessed a number of parents getting into altercations with coaches, officials, and even other parents. In most cases, these outraged parents had no … Continue reading

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A coaches role in youth development

By Oliver J. Youth programs within recreation and sport are a great way to encourage positive youth development. These programs could not exist without the support and dedication given by coaches in these fields. Hard work and plenty of hours … Continue reading

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Getting Youth Involved In Sport and Recreation

by Danielle H. In today’s society, it is not uncommon to see girls play hockey, or to see boys participate in dance. However, that hasn’t always been the case. In earlier cultures, sport and recreation have been seen as more … Continue reading

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The Importance of Youth’s Coaches in Sport

By: Danielle A. I started playing organized sport at the age of 8, and I have been engaged in sports competitively and recreationally ever since. As most of us know, there are countless numbers of people that you meet throughout … Continue reading

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Parent Coaching from the Sidelines should be Banned from all Sport

by Desiray W. Growing up in society today a lot of parents want their child to be the best at everything they do and they want their child to succeed in a particular sport like they never got too. Some … Continue reading

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Specialization in Youth Sports

by Laura B. “My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.” This quote from … Continue reading

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Simply Winning a Game or Taking it Too Far?

By Colleen D. Every athlete at one point in his or her life has experienced defeat.  Losing helps a child develop just as much as winning does.  Losing teaches youth how to be sportsmanlike, teaches them to get in the … Continue reading

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“What Were You Thinking?” Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child

By Kaitlyn W. If you have ever taken part in sports you’ve experienced the “nightmare sport parent”; the one adult who thinks he/she is the coach, lives vicariously through his/her kid, and believes winning is everything. What these parents fail … Continue reading

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