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A coaches role in youth development

By Oliver J. Youth programs within recreation and sport are a great way to encourage positive youth development. These programs could not exist without the support and dedication given by coaches in these fields. Hard work and plenty of hours … Continue reading

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Positive Changes of Mental Health in Youth through Sport and Recreation

By: Lucy P.  When sport and recreation activities come to the forefront of the mind, first thoughts predominantly revolve around the physical advantages and disadvantages. However, mental health is something that cannot be ignored, specifically in relation to youth. In … Continue reading

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Positive Youth Development through Extra-Curricular Activities and After-School Programs

By: Kayla P. Youth today depend solely on technology to communicate with their peers. It’s rare to see them communicating face-to-face, even if they are in the same room. There is usually a cell phone being used to do the … Continue reading

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Positive Youth Development through Taekwondo

By: Laura J We all know that physical activity and recreation can foster positive youth development (PYD). I would have to say that combat sports and martial arts, specifically Taekwondo, foster PYD in a way that not many other sports … Continue reading

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Recreation, Sport and Leisure: Helping Vulnerable Youth

By M. Thomas Youth are all vulnerable. To some extent vulnerability comes from the inexperience of life, however; looking closer at the vulnerable youth population, we see financially insecure families, special needs children and medical situations which create adversity in … Continue reading

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The Lost Frontier

by Peter R. When I was a child, most of my fondest memories came outdoors. Pictures of my many cousins and I playing outside for hours before family dinners, in our grandparents’ expansive yard, will always stay with me. Jailbreak … Continue reading

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Female Youth Participation in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Activities

By Kirstin D Girls are less likely to participate in sport/recreation/leisure (SRL) activities than boys. Why are girls not participating and how is it affecting their development? Throughout history females have been pushing to have equal opportunities in SRL as … Continue reading

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