Instructions for Commenting

  • Comments will be at least 150 words in length.
  • They will offer a reflection on the blogger’s post. This could include a discussion of an experience you’ve had that may fit with what the blogger is discussing. You may wish to include an alternative perspective. Perhaps you see a different connection to topics we’ve been discussing in class and wish to offer that.
  • Comments will not simply agree or disagree with the blogger’s post.
  • Each student must comment on at least 5 different blog posts, but you are certainly encouraged to engage more. If you post more than 5 times, your 5 best posts will be evaluated for grading (meaning… no risk in commenting on more than 5 posts).
  • You are expected to be kind in your response to what your fellow students have written. This does not mean you cannot disagree, but rather that you carefully consider your choice of words and tone.
  • The final line of the post should include your first name and initial.

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