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Female Youth Participation in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Activities

By Kirstin D Girls are less likely to participate in sport/recreation/leisure (SRL) activities than boys. Why are girls not participating and how is it affecting their development? Throughout history females have been pushing to have equal opportunities in SRL as … Continue reading

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Developing Youth around the World through Recreation and Sport

by Erika E. Throughout all cultures we see a difference within all aspects of life, but when it comes to youth there are some extremes and some rare similarities. When specifically looking at recreation and sport, there are some cultures … Continue reading

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Girls Participation on Boys Sports Teams

By Samantha B. There are many barriers that often effect a girl’s participation on a boys’ sports team. As discussed in class, some of these include not feeling like they are good enough because women are viewed as “the weaker … Continue reading

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Coaches as “friends”: Females vs. Males – Knowing the Boundaries.

By: Sarah H. In our youth development class, we have discussed the topic of the relationships between coaches and players from both the female and male sports teams. Another blogger discussed parent-coach/child-athlete relationship. My post is solely related to what … Continue reading

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